Remaining a smaller company has allowed FIREANT to remain flexible yet adept enough to work on large projects. We pride ourselves on being the most cutting edge Denver development team with national companies in our portfolio.

However, the time has come to add fire ants to our team, and for the company to grow and diversify. Business is good, and pursuing and embracing the newest technologies, and development practices allow us to deliver solutions for our national and local clients alike.

In order to rise to the challenge, we have devised streamlined processes and benchmarks to complete before the company adds members and a new desk to the office.

1.  Documenting our Processes.

In order to create a streamlined training process and an extremely effective organizational system, we created a process for different sections of our services, workflow and company.

Project Management– From Basecamp to Bugherd, how do we handle the management of our projects? How do we name our files, and where could a new member expect to find that file? How are the tasks separated from our Director of Digital Production and the Marketing and Production Coordinator?
Quality Assurance– Every point in our extensive QA process has been mapped, along with checklists and responsibilities of all the different team members. QA helps us ensure the client gets the most pixel-precise, functioning and user friendly solution, which is why we are here!
Git Documentation– Fireant started using Git for the seamless workflow and open source platform. One of the more technical ways we handle pushing and pulling solutions to local, having it all mapped out makes it so much easier for new fire ants to have a resource to review after the initial in-house training.

Along with defining our current workflow, which remains a living document in the ever-growing tech world, we set up a new internal server and naming process to organize our internal and client folders, assets, as well as clear up the space on our personal machines to work faster and more efficiently. No more waiting two minutes for Photoshop to open!

2.  Maximizing our Presence.

Revamping the FIREANT website: Using core digital skills, as well as new technology we have recently implemented for clients, we are designing, prototyping, and developing our new site and hope to launch it beginning of fall. Showcasing our talents and work, we hope to share the story of Fireant better, just as we help countless clients achieve and maximize their presence.

Project Portfolio: Using a pdf for potential clients helps us present where we have been and what we have done, and is a key tool during our service pitches. Defining our process as well as highlighting past projects shines a light on the company and clears a path for what we hope to continue to do for the web community and businesses. With a brand new template, designed in InDesign, we are ready to show off our work in a moment’s notice.

Social Media Engagement: We continue to build out our social media engagement to be visible and connected. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google +, and have an ever-growing blog with internal, industry, and project news.

3.  Finding the talent.
Now that we took the time to clean up shop, write our workflow, and reflect carefully upon our company and its brand, it is time to add team members to our forward thinking, creative, dedicated, sometimes slightly OCD group of fireants. We just hired a front-end designer, Garrett, who is bringing his print background skills to our digital landscape and helping us bring a new look to offer clients.