As you may know, we are hard at work developing a new website to showcase our projects, talents, and culture, and that meant a lot of time in the thinking and concepting stage. We have collected so many websites that helped inspire us and move us in the right direction, just as we hope to do for users once we launch our site! Here is our favorite list of the top 20 sites (in no necessary order):
This site has been a great resource as we built our prototypes for our site, due to it’s sleek, modern, clear design and messaging.
Don’t miss the battle.
A bold agency, with so many fun interactive projects.
And here is a musical interactive project by Ultra Noir.
Our lead developer, Mike, loves this site which uses javascript to create an interactive 3D world.
A clean, lightweight design that displays content based on design principles, best practices, and resources, this site is a favorite of our founder and owner, Bob.
A site endorsed by our interaction designer, Garrett, for its creative inspiration and finding great new music.
Another site that was a strong resource and reference during our developing process for the coming-soon FIREANT site.
Just kidding!