Our Denver design and development studio hired a Front End Designer

FIREANT STUDIO would like to welcome Garrett Campagna to the team! He will be our front-end designer and yet another UI/UX guru to support our team of fireants.

We asked him to complete our Q&A template, and now we all know a bit more about him! Check him out:

Where are you from?
I consider the following places “home”
Libertyville, IL
Champaign, IL
Boulder, CO

How did you end up at Fireant?
I graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign in 2012. I started my career at a design firm in Chicago and have received a lot of opportunities to move up in my field from there. I moved to Boulder to work for an internal marketing agency. From there, I decided to become self-employed. I began freelancing and worked for a wide variety of awesome companies, large and small.

During that time I ended up becoming the Senior Designer at a small design/development firm. But when a great offer was presented from Fireant, I had to take it. I was excited to work with the team here and focus my career more on web design, UI / UX, and the development side of things.

Describe your job.
I am a Front-End designer. So I design websites, will occasionally be involved in the development process, and will do a lot of UI/UX work to ensure that all of the interactive experiences we build are well thought-out and extremely well designed.

What’s your favorite part of working at Fireant Studio?
So far, the people and the work environment make working here a great experience. I enjoy the ways we interact with each other and the feeling that I’m a part of an awesome team. And, of course, I love designing so that’s all icing on the cake. The cake being that I get paid to design, which I would probably be doing anyway.

What does web design mean to you?
It means creating a website that looks good, functions flawlessly, is intuitive and easy for the user to interact with, accomplishes the client’s needs, and accomplishes my needs, in that it is something I can be proud of and enjoy working on.

Your favorite website?
Functionality / Content: Reddit. If you know how to use it properly, you don’t really need to go to any other websites. But I do also visit IGN a lot. It covers most of the news I’m interested in (as far as entertainment is concerned).
Design: ISO50. The blog of my favorite designer and musician (the same person holds both titles). I can always go there to get some creative inspiration and hear some great new music.

What piece of technology can you not live without and why?
My phone. And not just any iPhone. My iPhone. I’m active in the jailbreaking/development community and have customized it to look exactly how I want and do everything I could ever want it to do and more. So even if I were to replace it with a new one it would take ages to get it back to how it is right now. It’s perfect.

A warm welcome from FIREANT

We are already so pleased with the stellar designs Garrett has brought to the table, and look forward to what else he creates! Thank you for joining the team!