Providing Purpose, a Great User Experience, and Function

With a fierce focus on an integrated user experience, FIREANT completes many web project for Mesa County Animal Shelter on the western slope of Colorado. Earlier this year, we launched a website for Mesa County Animal Services, that focused on lost and found pets in both the community and located at the shelter. They recently asked us for further functionality to allow people to adopt pets from their shelter, executed right on the website.

Our new solution included adding an Adopt a Pet At Our Shelter menu item. We used the same display as the Shelter Buddy API/XML for the Lost & Found pets, but used a new Adoption data feed and heightened the user experience by allowing additional functionality for specific users. There are two templates – one public facing list of adoptable pets, as well as a password-protected section (using the same data feed) for rescue centers to easily add multiple animals to a Rescue Wagon.

The password-protected section displays the same adoptable pets as the public-facing data feed, but allows for authorized rescue centers to select multiple animals and add them to their wagon, enabling a cart-like feature. Once a user submits the rescue wagon, Mesa County Animal Shelter is notified and they can contact the center and arrange a pick-up date for all selected pets. All this is completed with fast loading times, clear directions, and a great user experience!

All the data is pulled directly from the Shelter Buddy API/XML feed, allowing for a section that is dynamically updated. We had fun making this campaign within their solution, and we hope the streamlined user experience and powerful functionality help the pets find new homes!