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Enterprise Coworking Space

Engaging web design for premiere Denver coworking space

The Challenge

Unleash the potential. Arriving in Denver at the beginning of summer 2016, Enterprise Coworking brought with it a fresh and modern approach to coworking. Looking to appeal to startups and young entrepreneurs in the market for a shared work space, Enterprise needed a digital platform to give potential members a glimpse of the tailored experience at the brand new space. In addition, the website solution needed to be easily editable, maintainable, and scalable for Enterprise’s internal teams and content managers.

The Solution

Modern and engaging, the web development for the coworking space client played off of Enterprise’s keynote design elements. Content is strategically mapped for targeted visitors to explore the RiNo coworking space, sign up for an in-person tour, and to discover membership perks along with the pricing plans that fits their needs. The digital presentation is simple and straightforward, seamlessly promoting Enterprise as a coworking space that is designed to serve its members from website to onsite. The custom-fit experience of Enterprise is at the heart of its brand and our team carefully crafted that into a responsive, interactive and polished website.

Coworking Community Creation

From discovery to wireframing to overarching design, we collaborated with Enterprise Coworking every step of the way to co-create an interactive solution that drives prospective customers to engage and explore membership. Our thoughtful approach to content design can be seen throughout the site: a responsive sliding scale spotlights membership plans, vimeo integration highlights virtual campus tours and custom forms promote continued engagement through inbound marketing opportunities. The unique coworking community created by Enterprise translates online into a website that speaks to its target audience.

Search Engine Optimized

In addition to the launch of a resonant website, Enterprise wanted to contend with search engine competition starting from day one. Focusing on keyword competition and opportunities, our SEO team surveyed the site’s content meticulously and developed a plan of attack based on the coworking market in Denver and industry best practices.

Improved Rankings

Combing through the site’s content, we tackled everything – header tags to meta tags and their descriptors – optimizing content with natural sounding language to improve rankings and to better reach customers across all channels.

Increased Visibility

Knowing that SEO strategy requires a comprehensive approach, we approached Enterprise Coworking’s site from the ground up. Each design element introduced gave consideration to its SEO enhancement, leaving no opportunity behind. From sitemap to link building, every advantage being taken to increase visibility and rise in the ranks of SERP visibility.

The interactive solution is designed to stand out and unleash digital potential of Enterprise Coworking.

Content Management Built For All

Crafted using open-source, built-to-last technology, the WordPress site delivers functionality along with a stylized aesthetic that echoes the uniqueness of Enterprise Coworking’s brand and product. Prospective customers are greeted online with an intuitive user-experience as internal teams are met with simplified functionality and back-end manageability.

The Results

Modern, polished, and engaging. The end product is a highly searchable, top ranking coworking website for Denver-based Enterprise Coworking that connects with potential members and communicates the brand and voice of the client. Built to last, the custom development will serve Enterprise and expand as the company continues to grow.


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Giving themselves a step up on competition, Enterprise Coworking invested in a scalable WordPress solution with SEO strategy to generate a website that resonates and connects with target audiences and potential members.