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eFowl Ecommerce Marketplace

An eCommerce website, redesigned for the modern American farmer

The Challenge

eFowl is on a mission. The online poultry and agricultural product marketplace aims to connect small farms, Community Sourced Agriculture (CSAs) and backyard farmers across the nation with small to midsize vendors for the products they need. To pull this off in style and to do away with cumbersome checkout processes, eFowl needed an eCommerce solution designed for the customer journey. An effective sales funnel for the digital space. But above all, eFowl’s marketplace required a modernized approach rolling front-end design and backend development into one flexible and concise platform.

The Solution

Approaching this eCommerce project with a clear understanding of client needs and expectations, we recognized the foundational requirement to develop a stable, expandable workflow that equally supported eFowl’s team, its customers and its vendors. Built using WordPress, from design to development, success lied in creating a digital solution that underpinned custom eCommerce functionality from checkout to cart validation rules and did so with user-experience (UX) at its forefront. Our team of developers and front-end designers worked to customize and integrate Volusion, a shopping cart software, seamlessly into the site’s design. Last, by strengthening eFowl’s internal efficiency and management capabilities, we were able to create a marketplace solution that is easily maintained by non-technical users and expandable as the successful eCommerce company continues to grow.

eFowl Rebranding and Iconography

Kicking off over seven years ago, eFowl has evolved from a micro business into an online poultry marketplace for not only customers but for vendors as well. Ready to refresh their branding, eFowl tasked our design team to reimagine their brand standards and to develop a look able to exemplify the energy and intention behind the business. With a minimalist approach, our designers worked to deliver a clean and modern aesthetic that enhanced eFowl’s brand equity and its overarching appeal to the existing and prospective consumer base. From this work, a new eFowl logo was born along with custom iconography for use throughout the site. An easy-to-read typeface was chosen and added to eFowl’s book of brand standards, delivering a consistent experience to site visitors at every point of communication.

A Modernized Shopping Experience

eFowl’s marketplace offers hundreds of products – from red ranger chickens to luxury penthouse coops. To create an engaging experience for eFowl’s customers, we developed a customized solution that integrated Volusion shopping cart software with a modernized design aesthetic in alignment with eFowl’s new look. Embodying this reimagined design, the journey of the customer is now guided, highlighting featured content and categories of eFowl’s most sought after product.
efo-mock-3Responsive eCommerce

For the urban farmer on the go, our development team built a digital solution to be equally enjoyed by all. Desktop or mobile, eFowl’s marketplace is easily accessible no matter what the device. By addressing this pain point head on, customers are able to quickly purchase the product they need hassle-free and on the spot.

eFowl Information, Architected

By restructuring the content layout for eFowl, site visitors are now inspired to click through highlighted sections and browse relevant content, including SEO rich ‘how-to’ blogs and complementary product offered by the poultry eCommerce site.  An intelligent approach to the site’s Information Architecture (IA) lays the foundation for increased pageviews and more time spent on

“any approved poultry farmer can now have access to a wide range of customers and make an online store…and connect directly." - Founder, Austin Johnson

Customized Volusion Integration

A turnkey eCommerce solution for eFowl. By developing a custom integration of Volusion software, the eCommerce company is armed with a sturdy, expandable system supporting back-end marketplace validations for all, including customers, internal admin managers and external eFowl vendors. Designed to accommodate the moving parts and variables of the online shopping site, from unique SKU assignments to revolving shipping dates and charges,  the custom Volusion solution is built to optimize and automate eFowl’s workflow processes.

eCommerce Simplified

We stayed connected with eFowl every step of the way to ensure current and anticipated needs were being considered and met. Designing a customer-first marketplace for the eFowl team and it’s vendors meant that many stakeholders needed to be considered. We are proud of the final outcome developed by our team. It seamlessly makes the customer connection to hatcheries, farms, and relevant content. The comprehensive build for this eCommerce introduces an eFowl first to its brand: a design-forward aesthetic with an automated workflow. Because of our critical design elements, eFowl is now able to provide a richer, modernized experience to customers and vendor logins alike.


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UX designed, eFowl’s customers enjoy a shopping experience made simple due to the careful curation of content, layout, and backend design. eFowl’s customers are guided through a quick and direct path from start to finish, driving up conversion rates and top line revenue.