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Colorado Barricade

Web design for Denver's largest traffic control and safety provider

The Challenge

Ready to hit refresh on their website, local B2B company, Colorado Barricade reached out to our team in search of an innovative digital solution. Colorado Barricade was looking to improve the overall experience of its site's visitors and customers and, in turn, increase organic traffic and qualified leads. They also wanted this solution to provide an intuitive content management system (CMS), allowing it's internal team of administrators to easily update the site's content and manage online sales and signups.

The Solution

Partnering up with Colorado Barricade, we worked closely with their team to develop an efficient process and effective digital solution. The newly redesigned website is not only interactive and intuitive, but is now sleek and content forward. By creating the fully responsive, easy-to-use custom based theme, we helped mitigate prior issues experienced by both Colorado Barricade site users and administrators. Visitors can now navigate fluidly, exploring service offerings, blog posts, and even donation opportunities throughout the site. With the a focus on engaging the user and capturing their information, Colorado Barricade is now able to move forward on their marketing efforts with data that is insightful and actionable.


Access to Traffic Control and Safety Services

Responsive design leads the way on this website, delivering an all-in-one solution for Colorado Barricade’s current and prospective clients. Whether on desktop or mobile, site visitors and admin users have equal access to the company’s breadth of safety and traffic control content and service offerings.

Lead Generation Through Design.

In addition to expanding accessibility, this project gave us the opportunity to reenvision the site’s overall design in terms of content layout and visual imagery. Redesigned, Colorado Barricade’s website engages its users by presenting lead-generating content that is navigable and easy for the visitor to digest.

Relevant and curated; captivating users through content exploration

Working together, building better websites.

Developing a solution alongside the client ensured that the needs of this local Denver business were being met. From the initial site design and layout, to news feed integrations, to custom contact forms – Colorado Barricade’s brand and message were not only represented but elevated as well. The end result is a website that beautifully delivers content and service offerings with relevant context to the user. And with opportunities to connect at every turn, Colorado Barricade is now able to capture interest and leads more efficiently than ever.

Sustainable design that grows with company goals

WordPress built, Colorado Barricade’s site is stable, secure, and flexible. Designed to grow along with the needs of the company, the website’s CMS leverages a single open-source code base ready to broaden its capabilities when the time is right. The flexibility presented through custom development and community sourced modules enables Colorado Barricade to present relevant content in a way that captures and connects consumers to the local Denver service company.

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Web design for a local service company doesn't have to be boring. By creating compelling service content and information, from a users-perspective, our WordPress project with Colorado Barricade delivered a website for the company that drives site exploration and lead generation.