Designing and Developing Digital Solutions Focused on Keeping Colorado Healthy

Designing and developing a microsite within LiveWell’s website demonstrates our continued commitment to LWC and creating a healthier Colorado. This microsite shows how the community has joined forces to assist in the mission of keeping Colorado healthy.

Designing the Microsite for the CO Nonprofit

Using a consistent design and branding aesthetic with the rest of the site, we designed a new section for the Youth Driven Healthy Recreation Centers Collective, featuring a landing page with blog excerpts as well as simple HTML sub-pages, providing flexibility for plain text or even embedded YouTube videos. The pixel-perfect design for the microsite also included rebuilding the left hand navigation to include a new menu for the solution, providing a higher sense of clarity in the user experience.

Developing a Microsite with Special Features

The development of this solution required special care by creating a WordPress system that is deployed within a legacy Laravel application framework. Doing so allows us to have the power and ease of WordPress, while providing a cost-effective solution for our client.
A notable development feature in this microsite is the support for multiple languages. Using jquery that toggles via class for the styles and languages, we created a simple but effective button that allows the user to toggle between English and Spanish content. Our experience with multilingual websites enables us to create effective solutions for managing content in multiple languages. We also understand that a 1:1 translation isn’t effective because of the subtle differences in the context of the message. Our goal is to effectively supporting users equally across all languages.

The development of this solution is effective across all devices and supported browsers. Our thorough quality assurance process helps ensure a timely, effective, and seamless solution to give users the best possible experience. Read more about our QA system and how it creates a more effective business solution on the web.