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Starting Right Now Mobile App

Native Mobile App Design & Development Supporting Homeless Students

The Challenge

Starting Right Now, a Florida based non-profit, needed a better way to deliver on their mission of ending homelessness for youth by providing one-on-one mentoring, a stable home, assisting with employment opportunities, teaching financial literacy/life skills and promoting educational achievement. Relying on the current system of manually reaching out to students individually via text and email didn't provide the scalability, accountability and in general their efforts got lost in the 'noise'.

The Solution

We partnered with SRN to create a single interactive platform along with native iOS and Google mobile apps that delivered on our goal of supporting youth through meaningful, engaging communication that enabled accountability while providing customized support to their student body. By creating an easy to use administrative dashboard we enabled the staff to get insights into how each student was performing, increase outreach efforts to those struggling and more efficiently support their student members. The native apps provided a more meaningful communication support loop, thus increasing effectiveness of support efforts and providing a customized engagements to more effectively support student growth. By 'gamifying' the experience we produced greater end user engagement and accountability through a series of incentivized accountability measures.

Native Mobile App Design & Development - iOS, Google Android
GIF: Bringing the experience directly to their mobile device

Communicating and supporting students directly on their mobile devices via native mobile apps reduced barriers to participation and allowed us to gamify the user experience to increase adoption and engagement.  Extending the phones native capabilities allow us to develop a tool that support our audience with unique, timely and easily accessible UI features.

Robust Web Based Administration

We developed a web based admin system to ‘power’ the mobile support experience for each student.   Admins can quickly mange and check in on students, add events, set reminders, verify check ins and engage in two-way communication with individual or groups of students.   Frequently used admin features and integrations were optimized to reduce duplicative efforts allowing more efficient management across the student population.

Developing native iOS & Google mobile apps provided greater support and long term engagement to their audience

Mobile App Design

Designing and developing native iOS & Android mobile apps provided the high level audience engagement and effectively supported the youthful market by keeping the experience fun and efficient.  By delivering a solution that ‘gamified’ students interactions with their support staff provided a higher level of direct one-to-one interaction by breaking down the technological and logistical barriers.  Extending native mobile device features we were able to better support direct student engagement and optimize basic interactions such as geofenced appointment check-ins, one-to-one mentor support directly in the app and providing direct two-way communication with the organizational support staff.


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We developed native mobile apps, iOS & Android, to provide greater support and deeper levels of engagement with