Node.js is a server-side JavaScript engine used to build highly scalable and responsive web applications. It’s goal is to provide an easy way to build, scalable, and extremely fast web-based applications. Node is similar in design to, and influenced by, systems like Ruby’s Event Machine or Python’s Twisted.

This new technology is gaining significant traction among the industries biggest players such as: EBay, Linkedin, Amazon, Twitter, and Microsoft. There are many reasons why developers and companies should embrace Node.js. Here are a few reasons why we like it:

  • Node.js is completely open-source.
  • Node.js enjoys a large and active community following. This allows users to support and leverage this passionate community.
  • Node.js allows for a single programming language to be used for programming both server-side and client-facing portions of an application. Working in 1 language significantly reduces programming and debugging times as well as reduces the need to employ specific server side technology specialists.
  • By nature, Node.js is an asynchronous environment. Therefore, it can quickly process many requests at one time, making it a perfect solution for large scale, high demand deployments, and real-time or collaborative applications.
  • Node.js is fast,… really fast – and what client doesn’t like fast?! We’ve witnessed significant performance gains compared to similar deployments using Apache. Benchmarking Node.js
  • It works well with NoSQL databases like mondoDB. – once again removing the staffing requirement and timelines to deploy solutions.
  • Node.js is easily scalable, making full-use of multi-core or cloud-based servers.

Just like all new technologies, Node.js comes with its own set of inherent risks and unknowns. However, we feel that node.js, with it’s strong industry backing, is ready for primetime real world application deployments. Let us show you how we can make node work for you.