In our latest Fireant Studio Q&A, meet the man who has made this all possible — Founder/Owner Bob Roman.

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Toledo, OH – home of the Mud Hens and Tony Packos Hot Dogs! (and a few other things that you’ve never heard of). I’ve been living in Denver since 2003.

How did you end up at Fireant Studio?
I started FIREANT 9.5 years ago with a goal of creating innovative approaches to engaging interactive solutions. It has been exciting to watch the company grow and evolve as a result of the creativity of our ever-expanding team.

Describe your job
I’m predominantly focused on developing new business and working closely with our team and the client to generate the top level strategy and goals for new campaigns. Day to day, I’m very hands on throughout the discovery and conceptualization phase of each project. I feel my involvement up front allows me to leverage my experience to help shepherd our clients through our interactive design process and ensure we deliver results that drive our customers forward.

What’s your favorite part of working at Fireant Studio?
The challenging projects we get the opportunity to work on, the clients who trust in us to deliver excellent results, our wonderful and dedicated team – none of this would be possible without them. Over the past years we’ve had the pleasure to work with a wide variety of clients, from GE Capital and IBM, to our neighbor down the street – Novo Coffee. I feel this diversity of projects creates an environment where our cross-functional team can push the boundaries within the digital space to produce excellent results.

What does web design mean to you?
Design to me, is the successful marriage between aesthetics, interactivity and functionality – delivered in a format that supports user interaction with your content and brand. Design is the whole process, not a stage within the process – done correctly, it leads to great results.

Your favorite website?
Lately, I’ve been finding some good reads on It’s a great resource for content on design and interaction.

What piece of technology can you not live without and why?
That darn phone – love it / hate it. It’s a piece of technology that completed my early vision of what technology could do for users: store/ stream music, take photos, watch video, communicate in real time – I feel lost without it. It’s my digital safety blanket.