Crafting a Compelling Digital Solution for Telecom’s Level 3

Global telecommunications giant Level 3 sought to showcase its comprehensive list of international data centers, products, and services with a design-forward appeal: sleek, navigable, and engaging to the user.

Strategic Focus on Information Architecture

The goal was to conceptualize and execute a principled approach that effectively conveyed Level 3’s message and enhanced user engagement. From kickoff, we identified the numerous layers of content – global and regional maps, multilingual copy, accompanying brochures, varying media files – to strategically architect an intuitive solution that is informative, design forward, and user-experience (UX) focused. FIREANT confronted the challenges of this website design by effectively bundling these components into a fully responsive and multilingual microsite.

Responsive, User Experience Design for Mission-Critical Content

Our focus was on cultivating a clear and defined user experience that updated the formerly non-responsive site through a streamlined channel of content access with consideration to all language requirements. Teaming up once again with our good friends at Leopard, we were able to collaborate and provide a user-friendly experience that delivered the message of our client.

Customized and Flexible Content Delivery

With the flexibility and ease-of-use offered by WordPress, our development team was able to provide a customized solution that seamlessly blended together a rich assortment of media assets and critical content for the client, delivering a powerful solution to the Colorado-based telecommunications provider.

How We Did It:

User Experience (UX) Design
Information Architecture (IA)
Custom WordPress Development
Fully Responsive Design

Building Elevated Digital Experiences

As a creative team of digital strategists, web developers, and UX/UI enthusiasts, we jumped at the chance to create something meaningful and high-performing for the client. The end result is a product that is effectual and aesthetic: delivering an optimized experience to both the user and to the content manager. Take a peak for yourself…