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Florence Crittenton Website

A Redesign For Denver Nonprofit Supporting Teen Moms

The Challenge

For over 120 years, local nonprofit Florence Crittenton, has been committed to educating, preparing and empowering young mothers and their children throughout greater Denver and the state of Colorado. To elevate this mission, Florence Crittenton needed a website to communicate their efforts online in the digital space. The not-for-profit website serves as a resource and hub of information to young mothers and their children, its volunteer network, and to current and prospective donors as well. Looking to refine its web presence and to strengthen ties between each of its different stakeholders, Florence Crittenton partnered with Fireant Studio for a digital solution to face these challenges head on. Departing from its former website, our nonprofit client sought out an overall modernized aesthetic and improved path to securing the operation critical in-kind donations and volunteer hours it depends on.

The Solution

Serving the growing Denver metro and beyond, Florence Crittenton needed a new site able to communicate fluidly and effectively with its varying stakeholders. Understanding the integral role of each user, our team worked with the women’s nonprofit to craft an engaging layout of content, design, and functionality for all. The client objective focused on developing an engrossing online space that communicates the breadth of work and impact of the organization. Critical as well was the need to grow and gain support. Upon arrival, each visitor is greeted with the nonprofit’s community-serving narrative and a detailed description to match. Intuitively, users navigate throughout the site connecting with the story of Florence Crittenton, what they do and how to get involved. The solution leaves the Denver nonprofit with an impactful website, built on a custom WordPress framework, that captures the voice and continued legacy of this community-based organization.


Connecting with community

With the ongoing support of the community of Denver, Florence Crittenton serves to support young mothers and their children. Taking this mission online, our design team made it a priority to augment the work and voice of Florence Crittenton. The website is focused on taking their story online and advancing the mission and outreach of Florence Crittenton’s programs and services.  

Highlighting the work.

The many events and programs sponsored by the organization are now highlighted throughout the site, telling the unique and uplifting stories of so many young women and their children. Built in video players and multi-media support enrich the story being told to program participants and to donors that help fund the nonprofit. The layered storytelling built into the design of the website gives stakeholders more opportunities to connect with the mothers, children, and families that help to make the nonprofit a success.

Discovering The Path To Action.

Strongly showing how they’re making a difference. Critical components to the Florence Crittenton program are mapped out for visitors browsing the site. By packaging content with a streamlined information architecture, the website effectively categorizes information into three pillars: 1)who they are, 2) what they do, and 3) how people can get involved. Each main page takes visitors to an interior page with imagery rich sub categories that explain in depth the mission, the work, and opportunities to connect.

"Contribution supports our proven two-generation approach to create cycles of success for teen mother and child. We are grateful for your support."

Making Donations Easier

As a nonprofit organization that depends on the support of its donors, the client needed a contribution process that was easy and simple to use. With clear and concise call-to-actions, we were able to smooth out the process and get potential donors contribution pages in fewer clicks. By streamlining the steps and designing an improved process, Florence Crittenton is able to secure more monetary donations and volunteer hours as it strives to meet its financial and event goals.

From Visitor to Volunteer

Because contributions go far beyond the financial. Using open-sourced, custom integrated community modules –  Florence Crittenton’s volunteer opportunities are now more accessible than ever. The narrative of the nonprofit’s work is uninterruptedly threaded throughout the ‘Get Involved’ section. Users can learn about specific roles, internships, volunteer grant programs, and current volunteers. As site visitors explore the unique opportunities to connect with Florence Crittenton, they are met with critical information and CTA buttons leading them to volunteer activation and sign-up.

Focusing On What Matters

Nonprofit web design and development should be about one thing: connecting people to the mission of the work. Having an intuitive, easy-to-use and manage website is empowering. It allows our client to keep the focus on where it belongs – on nurturing existing donor relationships and on building new ones. Highlighting the nonprofit’s community-based offerings and services along with a clear call-to-action inspires visitors to engage and connect using the on-site features through donation plugins and newsletter signups. Now digitally versed, Florence Crittenton can move forward with confidence knowing that their message and work translates across all platforms and devices. From the moment site visitors arrive they are introduced, through imagery and compelling story telling, to the young mothers, children and families whose lives are transformed by the work of this nonprofit.


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The WordPress built solution employed elements of connective design, intelligent information architecture, and ease-of-use for both visitors and CMS managers. Flexible and functional, this aesthetically modern nonprofit website serves to connect audiences to the mission of Florence Crittenton.