FIREANT started experimenting with WordPress five years ago, and in the last two years it has become the “weapon” of choice for smaller sites that don’t require highly customized workflows or heavy user management. With the advent of new technology on the market, clients became more and more hesitant to pay for a completely custom software. Offering a CMS that business owners and startups alike were aware of was a game changer for digital marketing agencies.

Here are 8 reasons why FIREANT aligned with WordPress as a CMS:
  1. It’s more affordable for the client. As stated above, the custom software was getting too pricy to pitch to clients. With WordPress providing the base legwork, FIREANT was able to create customizations on top of that quicker, and for a more reasonable price.
  2. It saves time for the developers. With that core legwork done, developers aren’t reinventing the wheel, they’re shaping and polishing it for each client.
  3. It’s easy for the client to use. Using a WYSIWYG editor allows client to make their own content updates and simple edits without having to come to FIREANT for every change.
  4. That being said, WordPress is one of the easiest admins to teach clients how to use without being custom. Clients have normally heard of it and are willing to align with the software and learn the CMS basics.
  5. The “brochure ware” development process is straightforward and reliable. It allows FIREANT to take on smaller clients needing a simple, static site, making websites more affordable for everyone- including small businesses and startups.
  6. WP is very customizable. We can create our own themes, plugins, or foundations to build upon and customize for our clients.
  7. Creating these themes and interactivity is far easier than with other CMS’s, and not as much a struggle for the front end developer.
  8. There are huge benefits and overall efficiencies as solutions grow. The WordPress community is strong, reliable, and increasing.

Here at FIREANT, we pride ourselves in creating the best digital experiences, in the cleanest way. WordPress has provided us with the base CMS framework, while we still have the ability to totally customize the template, providing overall simpler solutions to clients needs. We often use Advanced Custom Fields to provide further customizations for each client. These fields allow us to provide different input types, load data through a simple API, and further customize the WordPress edit screens. While we still create custom software for clients with larger needs, as well as create custom projects on top of the WordPress platform, we appreciate being able to take advantage of this open source software.