Denver web developer, FIREANT, recently launched a website for our client in the healthcare professional field. As one of the pillars that we cater to, was especially rewarding to create for the client. We completed UI/UX design, wireframes, web design, and website development.


Completing the initial strategy and wireframes for the client, FIREANT then developed a responsive WordPress site using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The designs were created to enhance the brand, provide clear messaging to the healthcare audience and to provide the client with a flexible palette for ongoing content creation. The designs include custom iconography and infographics to represent Venato’s services and benefits in the healthcare industry.

WordPress Development and Interactive Design

The website we developed was implemented on the custom FIREANT STUDIO WordPress framework and theme. Using this Content Management System, the client has full content control and can use the custom CMS modules developed to create custom layouts to best support content generation. One example of such a module are interactive flippable tiles, which feature custom infographics and an engaging and effective way for the user to explore content.

Other site features include:

Custom media / video player with YouTube and Vimeo Integration
Custom Iconography and Visual Language
Testimonials Slider
Flexible Page Templates and Modules which are provide customized content layouts
Full Browser Support