While they design in the real world, we designed for them in the digital world
About Davis Partnership Architects

Davis is a large, architectural/design firm based in Denver, CO. Their core services are architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and interior design. Their clients include large Universities, medical centers and hospitals, commercial or residential locations, office towers and more.

About their Website


Their extensive website required substantial planning, designing, and development of various custom elements for the FIREANT team. The most prominent section of the site is the Portfolio section, which showcases their architectural projects via large, professional photography with a fast, interactive hover, and a full description of the project (location, awards, summary, etc.) on each detail page.

This project allowed our team to boast their designing and developing skills by creating an immense, interactive, well-architectured site.

Site Design Details/Elements:
Site Development Details/Elements:
  • Fully responsive framework.
  • Built with Backbone.js. Backbone is a JavaScript library that allows a developer to create single page web apps. According to our Lead Interactive Developer, Mike McGuire, “the single page web app means that it relies upon ajax to retrieve data from the database without having to refresh the page. Backbone is great at simplifying the process of retrieving data and presenting it to the user, [while] providing controls in which a user can interact with the data without [reloading].” Although everything Backbone does could be done with multiple pages of query, it can be sloppy and takes more time.
  • Utilizes WordPress as the main CMS for ongoing content updates.


Now Davis can be proud to show off their projects and skills with a limitless website to meet their needs. If you have questions about FIREANT’s design/development process or Davis’ finished product, don’t hesitate to reach out!