The Problem

This summer, we launched a website for our client, Foothills Animal Shelter. Soon after, they noticed issues with an external database used for searching adoptable animals on their site. It didn’t blend well with their layout, and they noticed pets weren’t updating properly. They decided on a different database, ShelterBuddy, and asked us to help with the new database implementation and changes.

Our Solution

We created and designed a new landing page for adopting dogs, cats and critters. A detail page was then designed to display individual pets and their bio. Once we completed the approved HTML/CSS designs, we linked those landing pages to the current WordPress CMS/backend. Creating easy-to-use filters for gender, breed, age and weight, we connected that to the ShelterBuddy XML database to parse the data. The final step to our solution was configuring settings on the XML feed to be refreshed on our server every hour to ensure maximum pet status accuracy!

Confident Client Endorsement

In the first full week of having this integration up and running, 130 pets were adopted (compared to 99 the same week last year)! Simply put, the new website functionality is helping more homeless pets find loving homes.

Real-time available pet listings, filter and sort options, and responsive design ultimately makes for happy patrons and successful adoption matches. The Fireant Studio team has enabled us to better serve our community and grow as a leader in our industry.

Thank you!

-Karyn Bocko, Foothills Animal Shelter Marketing Manager

This is one example of how FIREANT solves complex problems for clients. Our team of interactive front and back end experts not only fix functionality flubs, but make sure the design blends beautifully ensuring the best user experience. We love to deliver simple and effective solutions to both the site owner and the user, and it is what we do best.

Visit Foothills to adopt a pet for your home, and contact FIREANT if there are functionality issues with your site. If you can dream it, we can make it!