FIREANT recently launched a pet adoption website campaign for our client, Foothills Animal Shelter.

Last year, we launched a full website redesign for the shelter, using a Shelter Buddy API to help people search adoptable pets on the website. While the site has driven a lot of traffic and helped many pets find a home, Foothills wanted to launch a campaign to help potential owners find their “soulmate” and drive even more adoptions this summer. Here is how FIREANT developed a solution:

Using the same WordPress CMS, we created a new page template that could be used for the pet adoption “soulmate” campaign. Featuring more ‘color of love’ esthetics (notice the pink!), and a separate setup for widgets, the main landing page (/soulmate) has subpages flowing on it, similar to other landing pages on the site.

In addition to the pink highlights, the slider shows new photos that were optimized for this campaign. The side widgets are different from the other pages, and were implemented in the WordPress backend. This includes a pet adoption counter to drive interest and boast how many new pets have found a home!

We also designed custom Call To Action buttons, leading users to the Adopt a Cat or Adopt a Dog page, creating a seamless User Experience.

The Compatibility Quiz is a main feature for the pet adoption campaign, that gives users a fun, radio button Q&A. The Video Gallery was another important feature, that we set up for Foothills to easily manage, add, and change the videos they wanted to be displayed.

We had every hope for the campaign to be a success for our client, and are proud we could help them achieve their mission with over 600 pet adoptions (so far). FIREANT dedicates itself strongly to answering all complex problems our clients might have, creating a better interactive solution. If you have been thinking of an interactive campaign for your company or group, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can make a better solution for you.