When a client comes to us, we can offer them a variety of solutions to give them exactly what they want and need. To create a custom, unique solution these elements are combined. To better help you understand what those elements are and how they contribute to the overall solution, we’ve defined our possible services to give a better understanding of the great work we do here at Fireant Studios.


This is usually the first step. It involves full strategic exploration/review of client’s current solution, and defining opportunities for content and design for the client’s new solution.


This stands for information architecture and structure development for new solution. Both will help show the client how content and design elements will be laid out spatially based on content priority and design.


HTML/CSS and back-end development of solution. This is where all the coding happens to make sure the site does and looks and acts the way the client wants.


This solution promotes a client-specific campaign or promotion. The solution is created with a specific purpose, from a month-long event to a temporary static business website.


We create a content management system (WordPress, Drupal, or custom PHP) that allows the client to edit, add, and manage their solution’s content on the fly We create a space to manage, add delete or customize any content that will appear on the site.

Custom Support

We provide ongoing client support for website updates and management.


We can build interactive applications specifically for mobile, Facebook, or other platforms.


This is the full, custom front-end design of a solution. Everything the client sees on the site, from colors to logos to fonts is part of the design.


The solution is created for optimal viewing on all types of devices – desktop, tablet and mobile. This means that whether the site is being viewed on an iphone or a desktop, the viewer gets an optimal, adjusted experience based on that platforms specifications.


We have the resources and experience to create a solution that allows for the purchase of goods directly within the website. Ideal for business sites.