Delivering a Responsive, Highly Optimized eCommerce Website to a Denver Lawn Care Company

Recently, FIREANT completed a full responsive redesign and redevelopment for a Denver lawn care company. Focused on improving the UX (User Experience), we created many elements to make a clean click-through experience and represent a clear brand representation. Many factors influence the structural and esthetic elements of a website in order to create a unique interactive experience for the user. FIREANT specializes in creating something unforgettable and the best solution for the client to improve their business and represent their mission.

The previous website focused mainly on content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is certainly a critical factor for both search engines and users alike. Showing that you are an expert on your topic and up-to-date on your blog impresses users (aka potential clients) and shows credibility to search engines, which will rank you accordingly to be visible to these users. However, as previously stated, many parts work together like a machine to create the best website possible. FIREANT’s solution included a responsive (mobile-ready) platform, which is user-friendly as well as a strong preference for search engines. Delivering a fully responsive solution ensures consistent content delivery and experiences across devices while fully supported from one code base.


To maintain the SEO for this website launch, FIREANT worked closely with another agency who specializes in optimization and assisting companies to be as visible and highly ranked as possible. We improved the user experience and content architecture, allowing the client greater flexibility in breaking down content silos, all while improving SEO. Combining powerful development skills and SEO practices, the team was able to support the UX features the client required for the redesign, while increasing organic search results within the first two weeks of launching the new site. FIREANT excels at working with other agencies, whether they specialize in advertising, SEO, design, communication, the portfolio reaches far and wide and the interactions are mutually beneficial.

Phase 2: Delivering eCommerce for Service Plans based on a Location API

SwinglePlans-300x282For the second phase of the project, FIREANT will implement eCommerce functionality that allows users to select and pay for a service plan through the website. Having eCommerce for your product is becoming increasingly relevant in the digital age that we live in. Consumers want the option of completing transactions with ease and confidence in the solution they are using. FIREANT has completed many eCommerce solutions for clients and here are two highlighting the exceptional shop and shopping cart features and usability:

A part of the eCommerce functionality on the Swingle website includes a Zillow API integration. We already built a custom workflow where we can implement Zillow’s property API to calculate the user’s services price based on lawn size. This will be a very neat function of the website and impressive to the user!

Elements Worth Noting

When you visit, make sure you note some of these elements that FIREANT customized and went above and beyond with:

  • the homepage slider. Large photos and messaging are editable in the WordPress CMS, as well as assigning internal or external links.
  • the custom sidebars. All the sidebars you see within this site were custom made by the client to display exactly which related sections to promote, or calls to action (IE “Write a Review”). They choose the headers and content as well as the order.
  • the service plans. Enabling great content flexibility and customization, each item is easily placed into the plans and will enable an exceptional eCommerce workflow as discussed above.
  • the custom forms. The ‘get a quote’ workflow accurately tracks prospects and integrates into Swingle’s CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

We hope you like the site as much as we do!