Drupal and WordPress are two great open-source CMS (content management systems) written in PHP that we use here at Fireant Studio. Both offer a lot of customization, templates and everything you need for building a site and managing content. Both have a large community backing meaning theres an abundance of plugins, themes and templates to utilize and create a solution that both looks good and is easy to use. When deciding which to use, we take in our clients input, consider the solution needed, and look at what is the best long-term platform.

Here’s why we use WordPress.

  • Template and theme development can be done with ease.
  • The administration panel, where you can add in content, is purposefully designed for less technically-savvy users. This means we can teach our clients to maintain and work with their own sites.
  • There’s a huge amount of plug-ins available to help create the perfect custom site.

Here’s why we use Drupal

  • It has a large core-feature set (it does more out of the box)
  • The user management controls are superior to WordPress’s
  • No plug-ins required for content relationship management

Work we’ve done with both


Novo Coffee

Able to create a completely custom theme and also include commerce elements.


American Crew Stylist

Able to create a solution with 7 languages, multiple tiers of admin and content editors, commerce and a large size membership management.