FIREANT helps many established businesses by designing websites using renovated, smarter solutions. We excel at implementing an original level sophisticated, interactive design to an existing brand. Recently, we completed an entire redesign and redevelopment for Mesa County Animal Services. The solution is responsive (mobile-ready), uses WordPress as the backend CMS (so content edits can be easily performed by the client), and gives a more visually pleasing and smooth experience for the end user.

Renovations to the Design

Mesa-Contact-300x247After designing a website for Foothills Animal Shelter last year, we redesigned and developed a website for Mesa which offers consistent branding in the design, including blue and red boxes, blue content dividers, and photo areas for showing off pets! The homepage features a large slider with title messaging to give the reader information and direct them through the site. The pictures and text are editable for the client in the backend, allowing easier updates as well as showing off any special events or news. The navigation is simple and easy to maneuver, featuring page links along the familiar top line navigation bar, as well as beneath the homepage slider in three slick boxes with photos. These boxes use a hover technique similar to, and add a sophisticated yet fun interactive element to the design!

Renovations to the Functionality

The following functionality changes were a critical consideration and cause for this redesign project. FIREANT implemented a Shelter Buddy API/XML that provides real-time data with updates and inventory on the current Lost & Found Pets at their animal shelter. This functionality is found on the At Our Shelter page. The In Our Community page uses a separate customized function, a AWPCP plugin, which allows users to interact on a digital Lost & Found board to either list an animal they found, or claim a pet that went missing.


Strong Mission, Strong Interactive Presence

Mesa now has a clever, interactive solution online to match their strong mission to help pets find homes, educate owners, and improve the health and humanity of pets in their region on the western slope of Colorado. FIREANT loves implementing appropriate functionality with exceptional design, and this project is a great example of what we can put together based on a client’s established business model, purpose and mission, and general website needs.