FIREANT has published many websites and web application solutions recently, and we’ve highlighted many of the sites in our blog. Instead of viewing an entire solution, today we will target a specific solution element we have deployed. The solution element is an image gallery based off a Google Maps API. The gallery section within the website is a full Google map which the user can interact with directly. By clicking a pinpoint, a Call to Action is then displayed to allow the user to interact with a fully responsive image gallery module.

Custom Google Maps API

We executed the Google Maps API to create custom colors, icons, and info displays. The map suits the client’s design aesthetic excellently, but this isn’t even the most interesting part of the project! Our favorite highlight is that we integrated the map into the WordPress database, which allows for a few cool things to happen.

1. The map can be updated in real time via the admin (WordPress backend). This allows the client to add new locations to the map, new galleries, and content as well.
2. Even a user can submit photos and data, which is automatically associated with a location on the Google Map specified by the user. We provided an approval process where these user submissions are easily approved without any coding from the content manager. It’s all in the CMS! This functionality provides for potential viral campaigns where user participation is essential, but also allows for admin control on what content is being displayed on the map.
3. When viewing the map, data specific location is seen in a module using AJAX- which retrieves and displays the data without refreshing the page. No re-loading time, more time for pictures!
4. Not only is the WordPress system easy for the client to use, it saves developing time by using built-in WordPress functions that complete heavy lifting for the database, cutting down on custom development costs.