The internet radio company needed an internal iPad application to showcase their new, innovative product features for the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Highlighting the future of Pandora’s new features, the app shows the seamless music integration between houses and cars, as well as multiple users.

In less than six weeks, FIREANT completed the full design and development for this app. With custom illustrations and unique transitions and functionality for iOS7, the app is the high quality app you would expect from this ever-growing company, which holds 70% of the internet radio market, according to the NY Post.

Highlighting Upcoming Pandora Features

FIREANT created custom illustrations of a house exterior with entry into a living room and a car, with touch features resulting in a module window displaying new Pandora features. As outlined in the iPad app, here is a list of the new features Pandora will be offering:



In your home
  • Instant Access: Information is accessible on any device, anywhere in the house.
  • Profile Personalization: Keep the Disney songs separate; get the best recommendations for the kids and for yourself.
  • Seamless Entry & Exit: Your music stays with you, like your own personal theme song.
  • Social Listening: A group can weigh in with likes and dislikes during the party.
  • Integrated Listening: If you hear a jam you like on the TV, start a station for it on your phone or tablet.
  • Multi-room Listening: Control music throughout your house.


In your car
  • Family Mode: No more getting caught listening to that gangsta rap; your music can instantly switch to “kid friendly” stations when the kiddos enter the car.
  • Seamless Entry & Exit: Music follows you, so you don’t miss a beat!
  • Primary Source: Your music is ready to go when you turn on the car, it’s the new AM/FM.
  • Standard Preset & Tuning Knob Controls: Dedicated dashboard controls make browsing and scrolling a breeze.
  • Integrated Listening: Pandora stations are easily created from any music source.
  • Passenger Interaction: Artist and track information made available on your co-pilot’s device, including lyrics for road trip sing alongs.

FIREANT loved flexing creative muscles with this talented, innovative company. We always develop for the future, and we look forward to the future of music.