FIREANT recently launched a full redesign for Springwoods Village, a brand-new, mixed use community near Houston, Texas. We worked directly with Launch Advertising and CDC Houston, Inc. through the initial discovery to final site launch. Some of our most successful projects are ones where we start at the beginning with strategy, complete design and development, and see how each layer works and builds on the others to create a custom, interactive masterpiece.

About the Strategy

The Springwoods Village community is still currently in development, so the content and build out of the site needed to be flexible as the community grows. To accommodate this, FIREANT created a modularized based solution within a WordPress platform. Using Advanced Custom Fields allowed us to provide a repository of different content module types to be versatile based on the available content.

About the Design and Development

Beyond having aesthetically blended module designs for the branding colors, FIREANT built the site on a responsive framework, making a beautiful and functional site from desktop down to mobile. We used HTML5 to create text overlays on the homepage slider, making sure that it not only looked good, but search engines can still crawl content:

The interactive, color-coded community map, which is easily editable in the WordPress backend, highlights various community details and amenities, including luxury homes and apartments for sale and rent, the main CityPlace downtown area, parks, community services, etc:


We also made sure that all the text within the lightbox popup is HTML text to be readable by search engines and helpful to optimizing the site.

Featuring a custom google map and social integrations, we made sure that Springwoods Village is ready to attract and interact with all their target markets. FIREANT strives to help businesses meet or exceed their needs with a powerful, clean solution in the digital marketplace.

Ongoing Commitment to our Clients

Always adapting to the ever-changing digital industry, FIREANT went above and beyond for Springwoods Village with SEO consultation and meta description overhaul. Arming their ad agency with the most efficient and best practice techniques for search engine rankings is an extra bonus that FIREANT can offer as a digital agency.

We love this site and look forward to how the client can develop the content within the modules and succeed in the SEO realm. Many thanks to Launch, Coventry, and Springwoods Village for allowing us to work on this fun project!