Developing the Interactive Microsite

We’re excited to announce the recent completion of a new microsite for IBM’s Chief Information Security Officer. Working closely with our longtime partner Leopard, who created the engaging designs, we built a highly interactive web solution.

Featuring unique animations and transitions, the interactive microsite used custom front end development: HTML, CSS, and Dojo (a powerful Javascript library). Starting with an initial content strategy, we constructed interactive wireframe prototypes to serve as the IA and User Experience (UX) for the design. The microsite was built for all standard browsers (IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) as well as the tablet.

Adapting with the Digital Landscape

We are very happy with the final solution from the unique visual aesthetics, to the nontraditional transitions and interaction. This microsite superbly highlights our ability to break out of the mold and adopt new technologies quickly and eagerly. While we have developed using Dojo in the past, we often relied on CSS animations to do the heavy lifting. For this project, we further explored some of Dojo’s capabilities, taking a typically flat, traditional form of design and creating something greater.

The scope of this interactive microsite really proves our passion for learning new technologies and our ability as a team to adapt to the ever-changing industry. Not only do we love learning or implementing a new technology or solution for a project, we never sacrifice the quality of work we aim to achieve.