A Different Kind of Denver Web Development Studio
1. Cool team.

In almost every Q&A we give to newbies, everyone says their favorite thing about working for FIREANT is the awesome people who are helpful, innovative, and relaxed.

2. Best practices.

We are constantly pushing the digital boundaries to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, in order to cultivate smarter solutions based on best practices and bleeding-edge technologies and developments. Joining our team is a chance to play in the big leagues, all within a collaborative, laid-back environment.

3. Great work.

We do everything from local bike shops, to multinational radio stations (Pandora), and this always means exciting projects and variation in the work. While we do maintenance and updates, something fresh is always around the corner!

4. Friday lunch.

Every week the team goes out to hit the best Denver lunch spots, talk about non-work things, and almost always sit on a patio. A lovely tradition and a nice ease into the weekend!

5. Casual attire.

No suit required. In fact, you’d stand out like a sore thumb.

6. Collaboration Station.

Being a smaller studio, every voice is heard, and important. We don’t neglect opinions and every solution is a team effort and success. FIREANT is a Denver interactive marketing studio, excelling at web design and development, and assisting clients with internal web campaigns. With a strong and thoughtful attention to detail and mission for creating better interactive experiences, we create smarter solutions from complex problems. We are always looking for new technologies and new skillsets to add to our team! Whether you are a freelancer, working somewhere else, or in need of employment, don’t hesitate to reach out to see if it would be a pixel-perfect fit.